Site Allocation SA45: Land to the North and South of Barnett Wood Lane, Leatherhead

EXPECTED YIELD – 550 dwellings, a two form entry primary school and three gypsy and traveller pitches
PROPOSED USE – Residential and primary school
SIZE – 13.2ha


  1. The design and layout of the development shall conserve and, where possible, enhance the setting of heritage assets, including the Grade II listed Barnett Wood Farmhouse and The Granary, on Barnett Wood Lane that lie adjacent to the site.
  2. The site layout shall maximise retention and safeguarding of existing mature trees and hedgerows and incorporate those features in a coherent landscaping strategy for the site.
  3. The site layout shall incorporate areas of green space to provide a parkland setting to both sides of Barnett Wood Lane, to maintain a sense of openness along this route between Leatherhead and Ashtead.
  4. Development shall include land of sufficient size to accommodate a primary school of two-form entry.
  5. The development shall incorporate open space and play equipment in accordance with Policy EN11, laid out in a manner which provides easy access for residents of the development and is also accessible to the general public.
  6. Development shall incorporate mitigation measures such as site zoning, physical barriers, good design and building layout to ensure that future occupiers are not subject to a significant adverse level of noise disturbance; both within buildings and externally. Noise-sensitive rooms should be situated away from the major roads an railway line, to be shielded from noise, where necessary. Enhanced fenestration glazing and mechanical ventilation should not be relied on in isolation, but may form part of a package of mitigation measures, where it is not possible for site layout and other design measures to achieve the required level of mitigation.
  7. No development shall take place until alternative allotment plots have been provided, in accordance with The Allotments Act 1925.
  8. The development shall incorporate affordable housing that meets the requirements of Policy H2 in terms of the proportion, dwelling mix and tenure. Affordable housing shall be integrated within the scheme with equal access to on-site communal facilities.


  1. The development should, where possible, provide vehicle access improvements along Barnett Wood Lane and Bypass Road.
  2. The layout of the development should incorporate pedestrian access through the site, increasing permeability within the site and the wider area.
  3. Opportunities should be explored for shared use of equipped areas for play to serve both the school and the community outside of normal school hours.
  4. The development should provide bus stops along Barnett Wood Lane to encourage sustainable transport and to improve accessibility to Leatherhead and Ashtead.