Site Allocation SA04: Marsden Nurseries, Pleasure Pit Road, Ashtead

EXPECTED YIELD – 20 dwellings
PROPOSED USE – Residential
SIZE – 1.2ha


  1. The design and layout shall create clearly defined boundaries between the edge of the site and the open land to the north using physical features which are recognisable, likely to be permanent and consistent with the character of the surrounding environment.
  2. The design and layout of the development shall conserve and, where possible, enhance the setting of heritage assets, including the Ashtead House Conservation Area along the western site boundary and the Grade II listed Ashtead House and Ice House adjacent to the site. A suitable buffer in the form of residential gardens and/or an area of open green space should be provided along the western site boundary to offer a satisfactory degree of separation between any built form and the adjacent heritage assets. The building heights closest to the western site boundary will also need to be carefully considered.
  3. The site shall maximise retention and safeguarding of existing mature trees and hedgerows, including the tree close to the existing access along the eastern site boundary, which is covered by a tree preservation order, and incorporate those features in a coherent landscaping strategy for the site.
  4. Proposals for green infrastructure and public open space shall incorporate opportunities for biodiversity enhancements, including a strong green buffer along the western boundary of the site that is adjacent to the Ashtead House Conservation Area.
  5. The development must incorporate sustainable drainage measures to address and mitigate the risk of surface water and ground water flooding, in accordance with Policy INF2 and site-specific guidance in the Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.
  6. A suitable vehicle and pedestrian access shall be provided to allow two vehicles to pass each other simultaneously.
  7. The development shall incorporate affordable housing that meets the requirements of Policy H2 in terms of the proportion, dwelling mix and tenure. Affordable housing should be integrated within the scheme, with equal access to on-site communal facilities.


  1. Opportunities should be explored to improve pedestrian links between the site and the nearest public transport. This could be achieved by improving the existing public footpath outside the site up to the closest bus stops located on Wilmerhatch Lane within the borough of Epsom and Ewell. This should also include updating the existing bus stop furniture.
  2. The development should explore opportunities to incorporate equipped play space, laid out in a manner which provides easy access for residents of the development and is also accessible to the general public.
  3. Proposals for flood risk mitigation should consider opportunities for flood risk betterment, which could include designing a sustainable drainage system to reduce the surface water flow path through and beyond the site.