Site Allocation SA03: Murreys Court, Agates Lane, Ashtead

EXPECTED YIELD – 30 dwellings
PROPOSED USE – Residential
SIZE – 1.9ha


  1. The development shall incorporate retention and reuse of existing buildings on the site, including the existing dwellings at 10 and 12 Agates Lane, their outbuildings and the Grade II listed barn.
  2. Development must conserve and enhance the setting of the Grade II listed barn within the site and nearby listed buildings on Agates Lane, including retention of the existing brick wall along the Agates Lane frontage.
  3. The layout of the development shall maximise the retention and long-term safeguarding of existing mature trees on the site and incorporate them into a well-integrated landscape strategy for the site as a whole.
  4. Vehicle access to all new build dwellings shall be provided from The Murreys.
  5. The development shall incorporate affordable housing that meets the requirements of Policy H2 in terms of the proportion, dwelling mix and tenure. Affordable housing should be integrated within the scheme, with equal access to on-site communal facilities.


  1. A convenient and publicly accessible pedestrian route should be provided through the site, connecting the point of access from The Murreys with the existing public footpath between Agates Lane and Skinners Lane.
  2. The existing vehicle access to Agates Lane may be used to access the existing buildings following conversion, provided this can be achieved without having an adverse impact on highway safety or the convenience of road users on this narrow lane.
  3. The development should explore opportunities to incorporate equipped play space, laid out in a manner which provides easy access for residents of the development and is also accessible to the general public.