Future Mole Valley – Mole Valley’s new Local Plan

July 2020 Update

We have published a newsletter that provides an update on our progress in reviewing consultation responses and preparing the new Local Plan.

What is Future Mole Valley?

Future Mole Valley is the name of our new Local Plan, a draft of which was published for consultation purposes to give everyone with an interest in it the opportunity to comment. Within the Plan there are polices to influence the form of new development, whilst other policies are designed to support the local economy, protect the environment and ensure that infrastructure is put in place to support future development. In the second part of the plan sites are identified for a mixture of new development, especially for housing.

Why is a Local Plan Vital for Mole Valley?

The Council has a legal duty to produce a Local Plan that looks ahead for at least 15 years.

Without an up-to-date Local Plan, development will come forward in an unplanned way and without an opportunity for local communities and elected representatives to influence the scale, location and nature of this future development. Once adopted, the new Local Plan will set out a vision for Mole Valley and lay out detailed policies against which to assess development proposals seeking planning permission.

The Policies Map

The Policies Map is a tool that displays all of the proposed spatial policies of the draft Local Plan. These are policies that affect a particular area or location. The Policies Map also highlights proposed changes to the Metropolitan Green Belt and existing village boundaries.

Getting involved