Future Mole Valley is the name for our next Local Plan and will set out plans for development over the next fifteen years (2018-2033).

Issues and Options : Setting a Strategic Direction for Development [1.5Mb] is a paper that summarises the evidence that has been gathered and assesses the likely supply and demand of development over the plan period. A series of options for development have been considered.

The following documents formed part of our Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 consultation:

Brownfield Call for Sites Report [240kb]
Brownfield Land Availability Assessment June 2017 [5.4Mb]
Constraints Analysis May 2017 [1.3Mb]
Duty to Cooperate Scoping Statement May 2017 [874kb]
Economic Development Needs Assessment March 2017 [7.5Mb]
Existing Transport Trends and Constraints March 2017 [2.4Mb]
M25 Strategic Noise Assessment March 2017 [583kb]
M25 Strategic Noise Assessment Appendices Part 1 [10.5Mb]
M25 Strategic Noise Assessment Appendices Part 2 [9.2Mb]
Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2016 [6.5Mb]
Strategic Housing Market Assessment Annex 4 Area Profiles [1.9Mb]
Sustainability Appraisal [1.2Mb]

Consultation Summary [918kb] is our summary of the Issues & Options consultation.

Local Development Scheme [484kb] sets out the programme for preparing Future Mole Valley.